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This page is for Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] What size cake portion do I serve ?
[A] I sell my cakes by the portion not weight. Bear in mind when ordering it is unnecessary to serve enormous portions of fondant iced cake because they are rich & quite sweet. It is easier, whatever shape of cake you have, to cut it into a grid & serve fingers rather than triangular pieces. As a basic guide a 30cm square cake cuts into approx 40 pieces if it's sponge, more for fruitcake.
[Q] How is it best to store my cake before serving ?
[A] Sugarpaste is effected by extremes of temperature & humidity. DO NOT keep your cake in the FRIDGE as it will get condensation on the surface & make the icing sticky & the colours will run. Store your cake at room temperature away from heat sources, direct sunlight, dust & animals. If it is particularly hot as our summers are in Rhodes an air conditioned room is preferable.
[Q] How is it best to store the remainder of my cake ?
[A] You can store the rest of your cake in an airtight tin or plastic container, again NOT IN THE FRIDGE as the sponge will go hard; or you can cover it in clingfilm to prevent the cut edges from going dry. Your cake will be ok for about a week if it lasts that long ! It is also possible to freeze the cake whole or in portions if it is well wrapped in plastic freezer bags.
[Q] Do you deliver cakes or is it collection only ?
[A] You are welcome to collect your cake or I can deliver a cake anywhere on Rhodes for an additional charge depending on location. Unfortunately I cannot ship cakes due to the delicate nature of the decor & NO I definitely cannot send them by post !!!!!!
If you're unsure please call me (0030) 6934 604 320
Thanks Snowy